Dr Lana Jones has been my family’s individual, and family councilor for more than 20 yrs. The four of us consistently experienced positive healing, empathetic love, and constructive emotional guidance from Dr. Jones. We all greatly miss Lana therapy since her move from So. Calif. Please send her back to us. Until then, we cannot recommend her to you enough. We believe that with Lana you will experience the same emotional stability and healing that we did.” – Larry Peterson

“Dr. Lana saw me in 2016 during what is most likely to be the hardest point in my life so far. She helped guide me through the anxiety and fear I had. She provided a comfortable environment and was willing to work with my schedule to see my more often. She even helped me with vetting my emotional support animal so I was able to travel alone. I feel I am now in a much better place emotionally and mentally thanks to her guidance.” – Robin Womac

“From several years of knowing Dr. Lana Jones I can most heartily recommend her. She is intelligent, highly educated and trained, and can identify issues and intuit with skill. She has moved out of the area in which I live but I am happy to refer her services to those looking for a therapist in her new location (or by Skype!).” – Toni Julia Smith

“I met Dr. Lana Jones 27 years ago when I was seeking counsel for my marriage & family. I still seek her for counsel all these years later. She is that good–and compassionate and knowledgeable and willing and able. Her experience and education and faith translate to wisdom and help. Without reservation I recommend her counsel.” Tina Trejo

“Couples therapy – family therapy – grief counseling. Dr. Jones was warm and sensitive — and at the same time 100% professional — in a Christian setting.

Dr. Jones worked with my late wife Sandra and me during a very difficult time in our marriage, and then stood by my side as the family buried her.

She also worked with my youngest son, a UC senior at the time, as we dealt with an issue that could have derailed his academic career.

I recommend her very highly.” – Bill Brookes