Counseling Services

Descriptions of Therapy Specialties


Depression:  It is often called the common cold of therapy.  It is helpful to understand our negative self-talk or ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ to understand how we might be contributing to our own depression.  Examening our negative irrational beliefs is useful to recover our natural feelings of well-being and self-worth.  Therapy provides a mirror to establish healthier self-talk.

Anxiety: Everyone suffers with some level of uncertainty and doubt.  It is part of the human condition.  Some stress can motivate us to do our best.  But too much stress can debilitate us.  And some stresses or situations in life are so difficult that they overwhelm our natural emotional resources.  Learn ways to effectively manage anxiety.

Couple’s Counseling:  We need to constantly adjust to new stages and challenges throughout marriage and courtship.  Sometimes roles need to be expanded to meet the emerging circumstances.  Most often clearer and improved communication is needed to understand one another better and to lead a more fulfilling and mutually enjoyable relationship.

Divorce Recovery:  A broken home is one of the most difficult transitions in life.  Statistics show that it affects at least sixteen people directly.  Therapy can help you to re-create your life.  Establishing a new identity as a single person moving forward or co-parenting children is necessary for everyone involved.  It is complicated and confusing, but guidelines and support are crucial and necessary for healthy adjustment.

Parenting Issues:  The most effective parenting tip is to maintain a “unified stance”.  Both parents need to establish agreements between themselves at each age for their children and consistently enforce appropriate discipline.  There always needs to be a healthy balance between freedom and responsibility.  Nurturing children is one of life’s greatest joys as well as challenges.

Launching Children:  We need to raise our children so well that they leave us successfully to lead their own fulfilling lives.  This is indeed a bittersweet task.  We carefully guide them through their younger years to prepare them to lead independent adult lives.  This is becoming increasingly difficult with the pressures of financial difficulties and often college education that young adults face.  Family counseling can be very valuable to establish healthy boundaries and understandings.

Family Counseling:  Having all family members present can be powerful in solving difficulties and managing challenges.  Each person holds a puzzle piece in forming a healthy atmosphere to achieve healthy and enjoyable family life.  Working together can be a powerful help in achieving understanding and cooperation among family members.

Blended Family:  More and more families are facing the challenge through re-marriage to establish a combined home with their children who have separate loyalties and histories.  Establishing co-parenting is crucial to blending successfully.  Couples need to find their own unique way to establish a harmonious and functioning family.  Understanding the various roles and responsiblities from their different backgrounds can be difficult. Therapy enables families to achieve their desired goals.

Grief Recovery and Re-integration:  Losing a loved one is one of life’s greatest devastations.  When we face life without our loved one we have just lost a very powerful mirror that helps us understand the meaning and purpose of our lives.  Re-integration is about adjusting to life again without that very precious mirror and learning to make sense of our life again.  Therapy provides a partner along this very painful journey.

Co-dependent:  My favorite definition is when we realize that we are doing something for someone that they should otherwise be doing for themselves.  Sometimes we are not even helping, but getting in their way.  How do we get so hooked?  Of course. because we are nice, caring people and think we are doing what we should.  Learn your part in the dance and how to have healthier relationships.

Personal Growth:  Every stage of life brings predictable challenges, questions, and possible adjustments.  Discover through therapy who you truly are and who you are intended to be.  Plato said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Taking the time to discover our deepest values and goals is rewarding and fulfilling.

EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitivation and Re-processing:   I am a trained Level 1 and Level 11 licensed therapist.  EMDR has been proven to be the most effective treatment for trauma particularly from childhood physical or emotional abuse as well as sexual abuse in childhood or adulthood.  Also military personnel suffer PTSD from the uncertainty and horrors of war in their military service.

Women’s Issues:  Roles are constantly changing in today’s world.  Women are needing to examen their roles and responsibilities in the light of our shifting culture.  Long established roles are in constant flux and revision.  Particularly, after having a family women need to explore their return to  careers or opportunities within evolving options or necessities.