The ones who count are those persons who  – though they
may be of little renown – respond to and are responsible
for the continuation of the living spirit.

Love is the responsibility of an “I” for a “Thou.”
Martin Buber
Austrian-Jewish philosopher, translator, and educator, whose work
centered on theistic ideals of religious consciousness, interpersonal relations,
and community.

True autonomy results from relating to others. Mental health and family health are
inseperable from a willingness to care about others and about the next generations.

Ivan Boszormenyi–Nagy
Hungarian-American developer of Contextual Therapy. His work focused on
loyalty, fairness and reciprocity among groups and individuals.

As families, we understand our lives in light of our dreams and hopes.
We depend upon each other for loyalty and support through our challenges,
our joys, our sorrows, life’s transitions. Family therapy can be
the place of healing and hope for damaged relationships to be restored.

Dr. Lana Jones, PhD