Best Plants to Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures known for their vibrant colors and unique flying abilities. If you’re looking to attract these delightful birds to your garden, planting the right flowers is key. By selecting the best plants that hummingbirds love, you can create a welcoming environment that will not only enhance your garden but also provide a source of nectar for these tiny birds. Here are some of the best plants to attract hummingbirds to your outdoor space.

1. Bee Balm

Bee balm, also known as Monarda, is a favorite among hummingbirds due to its tubular flowers that are rich in nectar. These flowers come in shades of red, pink, purple, and white, adding a pop of color to your garden while attracting hummingbirds with their sweet nectar.

2. Salvia

Salvia plants are another great choice for attracting hummingbirds. With their long, tubular flowers that are rich in nectar, salvias provide a perfect feeding station for these birds. Planting different varieties of salvia can ensure a continuous blooming season, keeping hummingbirds coming back for more.

3. Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vine, also known as Campsis radicans, is a vigorous climber that produces trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of orange, red, or yellow. These vibrant blooms are irresistible to hummingbirds, making trumpet vine a must-have plant for any hummingbird garden.

4. Cardinal Flower

The cardinal flower, with its striking red blooms, is a favorite of hummingbirds. This perennial plant thrives in moist soil and partial shade, making it a versatile addition to any garden. The tubular flowers of the cardinal flower provide a rich source of nectar for hummingbirds to enjoy.

5. Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush, also known as Buddleia, is not only a favorite of butterflies but also attracts hummingbirds with its fragrant flowers. Available in a variety of colors, including shades of purple, pink, and white, butterfly bush is a low-maintenance plant that can bloom throughout the summer, providing a continuous food source for hummingbirds.

In conclusion, attracting hummingbirds to your garden can be a rewarding experience that adds beauty and life to your outdoor space. By planting a variety of nectar-rich flowers such as bee balm, salvia, trumpet vine, cardinal flower, and butterfly bush, you can create a haven for these tiny birds to feed and thrive. Remember to provide a water source and maintain your garden to keep it inviting for hummingbirds throughout the season. With the right plants and care, you can enjoy the delightful presence of hummingbirds in your garden for years to come.


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