Top Perennial Plants for Hummingbirds

Lure hummingbirds with bee balm, a vibrant perennial that blooms in summer. Its tubular flowers are a favorite of these birds, adding color and movement to your garden.

Salvia is another excellent choice to attract hummingbirds. With its tall spikes of colorful flowers, this perennial provides nectar for the birds while enhancing your garden's beauty.

Penstemon, also known as beardtongue, is a favorite of hummingbirds due to its tubular flowers that come in various shades. Plant these perennials in your garden for a stunning display.

Columbine is a delicate perennial that hummingbirds adore. Its unique spurred flowers hang gracefully and provide a sweet treat for these birds. Add columbines to create a charming hummingbird haven.

Agastache, or hyssop, is a fragrant perennial that hummingbirds find irresistible. Its long-blooming flowers in shades of purple, pink, or orange will attract these birds while adding fragrance to your garden.

Monarda, also known as bee balm, is a top choice for attracting hummingbirds. This perennial's colorful blooms and aromatic foliage make it a must-have for any garden seeking to host these delightful birds.