Tips for Preventing Spillage and Waste at Hummingbird Feeders

Use feeders with built-in ant moats to deter insects from reaching the nectar, reducing spillage caused by pests.

Hang feeders in a sheltered area to prevent wind from causing spills and to keep the nectar fresh for longer periods.

Regularly clean feeders to prevent mold growth, which can spoil the nectar and lead to waste as hummingbirds avoid contaminated food.

Avoid overfilling feeders to reduce the chances of spillage and waste. Fill them with just enough nectar for a few days at a time.

Position feeders away from high-traffic areas to minimize disturbances that can lead to spills and scare hummingbirds away from feeding.

Choose feeders with bee guards or other barriers to prevent bees and wasps from accessing the nectar, reducing waste and potential harm to hummingbirds.