Tips for Keeping Hummingbird Feeders Ant-Free

Ants are attracted to the sweet nectar in hummingbird feeders. Place feeders on hooks with moats filled with water to create a barrier ants can't cross.

Consider using feeders with built-in ant moats or ant guards. These features prevent ants from reaching the nectar, keeping your feeders ant-free.

Regularly clean your feeders to remove any spills or drips that can attract ants. Use a mild soap and water solution to keep feeders clean and ant-free.

Avoid using sticky substances like petroleum jelly on feeder poles or hooks as they can harm birds. Opt for ant moats or guards for a safe ant deterrent solution.

Plant ant-repelling herbs like mint, basil, or bay leaves near your feeders. These plants naturally deter ants and can help keep your hummingbird feeders ant-free.

By implementing these tips, you can enjoy watching hummingbirds without the nuisance of ants invading your feeders. Keep your feeders clean, use ant moats, and plant ant-repelling herbs.