The Symbolism Behind Popular Good Luck Coins from Around the World

In China, the Feng Shui coin symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Japanese 5-yen coins represent good luck and blessings. Indian rupee coins are associated with the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

The Irish lucky penny is believed to bring good fortune. The Italian lucky coin, the Biscione, symbolizes luck and protection. In Russia, the kopek is considered a symbol of good luck and wealth.

The Mexican lucky coin, the Aztec calendar coin, is thought to bring good fortune and protection. The Thai baht coin features the image of King Rama IX, symbolizing prosperity and good luck.

The American lucky penny is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The Canadian lucky loonie is believed to bring luck to Canadian athletes. The Australian lucky silver sixpence is a traditional symbol of good fortune.

The British lucky sixpence is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. The German lucky pfennig is believed to bring wealth and success. The French lucky franc is associated with good fortune and abundance.

Discover the symbolism behind these popular good luck coins from around the world and the cultural significance they hold in different societies.