Creating a Pollinator Garden for Hummingbirds

Choose nectar-rich flowers like bee balm, salvia, and penstemon. Provide water sources and shelter. Avoid pesticides to protect these tiny birds.

Plant flowers in clusters to attract hummingbirds. Include a variety of colors and shapes to appeal to their visual senses.

Maintain your garden by deadheading flowers, keeping feeders clean, and providing fresh water. Hummingbirds will return to a well-maintained habitat.

Consider adding hummingbird feeders with a sugar-water solution as an additional food source. Clean and refill feeders regularly to prevent mold.

Create a welcoming environment by adding perches for hummingbirds to rest and observe their surroundings. Avoid disrupting their natural behavior.

Enjoy the beauty and wonder of hummingbirds visiting your pollinator garden. Watch them feed, hover, and interact with other wildlife in your backyard.