How to Use Pink Perennials in Your Rainbow Garden

Pink perennials like Astilbe and Phlox can bridge the gap between red and purple blooms in your garden, creating a harmonious transition.

Plant pink perennials strategically to blend the vibrant hues of red and purple flowers. Consider using them as border plants or in mixed flower beds.

Choose pink perennials with varying shades to create depth and interest in your rainbow garden. Light pinks can complement reds, while darker pinks can transition to purples.

Pink perennials not only add color but also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden ecosystem.

Experiment with different combinations of pink perennials to find the perfect balance between red and purple blooms in your rainbow garden design.

Incorporating pink perennials in your rainbow garden can create a visually stunning display that transitions seamlessly between the bold colors of red and purple flowers.