How to Use Blue Perennials in Your Rainbow Garden

Blue perennials like delphiniums and salvias add a cool tone to your garden. Plant them in clusters or borders for a striking contrast.

Choose blue perennials that bloom at different times to ensure continuous color throughout the season. Mix with silver foliage plants for a serene look.

Create a focal point with tall blue perennials like Russian sage or blue false indigo. Pair them with white flowers for a classic and elegant display.

Incorporate blue perennials in pots or containers for a portable pop of color. Group them with other cool-toned plants like lavender and hydrangeas.

Experiment with shades of blue by combining different varieties of blue perennials. Consider adding blue flowering shrubs like ceanothus for added texture.

Maintain the cool tone by deadheading spent blooms and providing adequate water and sunlight. Enjoy the calming effect of blue perennials in your rainbow garden.