How to Plan a Rainbow Garden with Perennials for Small Spaces

Start by selecting a sunny spot for your garden. Choose a variety of colorful perennials like coneflowers, daylilies, and asters to create a vibrant rainbow effect.

Consider the height and bloom time of each perennial to ensure a continuous display of colors throughout the growing season. Mix in foliage plants for texture and contrast.

Plan the layout of your garden with the tallest plants at the back and shorter ones in the front. Create a flowing design that leads the eye through the spectrum of colors.

Water and fertilize your rainbow garden regularly to keep the plants healthy and vibrant. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage new flowers and maintain a tidy appearance.

Add decorative elements like colorful garden stakes or a whimsical garden gnome to enhance the visual appeal of your rainbow garden. Consider incorporating a small seating area for relaxation.

Enjoy the beauty of your rainbow garden throughout the seasons. Take time to observe the pollinators and wildlife that are attracted to the colorful blooms. Share your garden with friends and family.