How to Create Smooth Color Transitions Between Red and Yellow Perennials

Start by planting red perennials closer to yellow ones for a gradual transition. Mix in orange flowers for a blended effect.

Consider using plants with variegated foliage to bridge the color gap between red and yellow perennials. Experiment with different textures.

Incorporate plants that bloom in shades of coral or peach to smoothly transition from red to yellow hues in your garden. Balance heights for visual appeal.

Use flowering shrubs like potentilla or yarrow to create a seamless flow of color between red and yellow perennials. Group plants in clusters for impact.

Add ornamental grasses in shades of red, orange, and yellow to tie together the color scheme in your garden. Opt for grasses with feathery plumes for a soft look.

Maintain a consistent watering and fertilizing schedule to keep your red and yellow perennials healthy and vibrant. Regular deadheading can promote continuous blooming.