How to Combine Red and Orange Perennial Flowers for a Fiery Rainbow Garden

Create a vibrant garden by pairing red and orange perennial flowers like daylilies and red hot pokers. Choose varieties that bloom at different times for continuous color.

Plant red and orange flowers in clusters or drifts to create a bold impact. Consider adding complementary colors like yellow or purple for a stunning contrast in your garden.

Mix in foliage plants with red or orange hues to enhance the fiery theme. Include plants like coleus or Japanese maple for added texture and interest in your garden design.

Incorporate flowering shrubs like potentilla or weigela for a larger scale color display. These shrubs provide long-lasting blooms and can serve as focal points in your fiery rainbow garden.

Add decorative elements such as red or orange garden ornaments, colorful pots, or pathway accents to tie the look together. These details can enhance the overall visual appeal of your garden space.

Maintain your fiery rainbow garden by deadheading spent blooms, watering regularly, and fertilizing as needed. Enjoy the burst of colors and the lively atmosphere created by your red and orange perennial flowers.