How to Choose Perennial Flowers for Gravelly Garden Beds

When selecting perennial flowers for gravelly garden beds, consider plants like lavender, yarrow, and sedum that thrive in well-drained soil and tolerate rocky conditions.

Look for drought-tolerant perennials such as Russian sage, coreopsis, and blanket flower that can withstand the challenging environment of gravelly garden beds.

Consider adding ornamental grasses like blue fescue, feather reed grass, and switchgrass to provide texture and movement in your gravelly garden beds.

Include flowering perennials such as black-eyed Susan, coneflower, and bee balm to bring color and attract pollinators to your gravelly garden beds.

Create a harmonious design by mixing different heights, colors, and bloom times of perennial flowers to ensure year-round interest in your gravelly garden beds.

With careful selection and planning, you can enjoy a beautiful and low-maintenance garden filled with a variety of perennial flowers that thrive in gravelly garden beds.