Designing a Rainbow Garden with Contrasting Perennial Flower Colors

Start by selecting a color scheme for your rainbow garden. Choose contrasting perennial flowers like purple salvia, orange marigolds, and yellow coreopsis for a vibrant display.

Consider the height and blooming seasons of your chosen flowers. Mix tall purple lupines with low-growing orange zinnias for a dynamic visual effect throughout the year.

Create a focal point with a mix of colors. Plant a cluster of red bee balm surrounded by blue delphiniums and white daisies to draw attention and add interest to your garden.

Incorporate foliage plants for texture and contrast. Pair the bright blooms with variegated hostas or silver dusty miller to create a balanced and visually appealing rainbow garden.

Maintain your rainbow garden by deadheading spent blooms and providing adequate water and sunlight. Regular pruning and fertilizing will help your perennial flowers thrive and continue to brighten your outdoor space.

Enjoy the beauty of your rainbow garden throughout the seasons. Watch as the colors shift and blend, creating a stunning display that attracts pollinators and brings joy to all who see it.