Layered Rainbow Garden Effects

Create stunning visual impact by combining tall and short perennial flowers in your garden. Learn how to layer colors for a vibrant rainbow effect.

Choose a variety of flowers in different heights and colors. Plant taller flowers towards the back and shorter ones in the front for a layered look.

Tall flowers like Delphiniums and Hollyhocks add height and drama. Pair them with shorter blooms such as Dianthus and Alyssum for a balanced composition.

Experiment with different color combinations to create a rainbow effect in your garden. Mix warm and cool tones for a visually appealing and harmonious display.

Consider the bloom time of each flower to ensure continuous color throughout the season. Plan your garden layout to include early, mid, and late blooming perennials.

By combining tall and short perennial flowers strategically, you can achieve a layered rainbow garden that is both beautiful and dynamic. Get inspired to create your own colorful oasis.