Creating Texture in Your Rainbow Garden

Perennial grasses like Fountain Grass and Blue Fescue add height and movement, while flowers like Black-eyed Susans and Purple Coneflowers bring pops of color and attract pollinators.

Choosing a variety of grasses and flowers ensures a dynamic texture in your garden. Consider incorporating ornamental grasses like Japanese Blood Grass and Liriope for added interest.

Grouping plants with varying textures creates depth and visual interest. Mix fine-textured grasses like Feather Reed Grass with bold flowers such as Daylilies for a striking contrast.

Don't forget about foliage texture! Include plants like Hostas and Heucheras with interesting leaves to complement the grasses and flowers in your rainbow garden.

Maintain a cohesive color scheme by selecting plants that bloom in complementary hues. Blues and purples from Russian Sage and Catmint pair beautifully with the warm tones of Coreopsis and Blanket Flowers.

Experiment with different combinations of grasses and flowers to achieve the perfect balance of texture and color in your rainbow garden. Embrace the beauty of nature's palette!