Best Perennials for Underplanting Ornamental Trees

Underplanting ornamental trees with perennials adds color and interest. Choose shade-tolerant options like hostas, ferns, and astilbe for a beautiful and low-maintenance garden bed.

Hostas are a popular choice for underplanting due to their lush foliage and variety of colors. They thrive in shady areas and complement the structure of ornamental trees.

Ferns are another great option, offering a range of textures and heights. Their delicate fronds create a soft, natural look that pairs well with the bold presence of ornamental trees.

Astilbe's feathery plumes bring a pop of color to the base of ornamental trees. These perennials thrive in moist, shady conditions and provide a striking contrast to the tree's foliage.

Consider adding ground covers like foamflower or barrenwort to fill in gaps and suppress weeds. These low-growing perennials create a cohesive look while protecting the soil and tree roots.

Enhance the beauty of your ornamental trees by selecting the right perennials for underplanting. Create a harmonious garden bed that combines textures, colors, and varying heights for a stunning landscape.