Best Perennials for Underplanting in Windy Areas

Underplanting in windy areas requires sturdy perennials. Consider plants like lavender, yarrow, and ornamental grasses. These can withstand strong winds while adding beauty to your garden.

Lavender is a fragrant and resilient perennial that thrives in windy conditions. Its aromatic blooms and drought tolerance make it a perfect choice for underplanting in exposed areas.

Yarrow, with its feathery foliage and flat-topped flowers, is another excellent option for underplanting in windy spots. It attracts pollinators and is known for its ability to tolerate various growing conditions.

Ornamental grasses like feather reed grass and blue fescue add texture and movement to windy garden beds. These grasses are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and provide year-round interest in the landscape.

When selecting perennials for underplanting in windy areas, prioritize plants with strong root systems and flexible stems. These characteristics help them withstand the challenges posed by constant exposure to wind.

Create a resilient and visually appealing garden by choosing the best perennials for underplanting in windy areas. Combine different textures, heights, and colors to design a landscape that thrives in challenging conditions.