Best Low-Water Perennial Flowers for Gravel Gardens

Lavender: Fragrant and drought-tolerant, lavender adds beauty and attracts pollinators to gravel gardens.

Sedum: With its succulent leaves and colorful blooms, sedum thrives in dry conditions and requires minimal maintenance.

Yarrow: Yarrow's delicate flowers come in various hues and can withstand hot, dry climates, making it ideal for gravel gardens.

Penstemon: Known for its tubular flowers and vibrant colors, penstemon is a hardy perennial that thrives in low-water conditions.

Agastache: Also called hyssop, agastache features spikes of flowers that are drought-resistant and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Echinacea: This cone flower is not only drought-tolerant but also adds a pop of color to gravel gardens, attracting beneficial insects.