Best Edible Plants for Hummingbird-Friendly Container Gardens

Create a vibrant hummingbird-friendly container garden with plants like Bee Balm, Salvia, and Fuchsia. These plants provide nectar and attract these beautiful birds to your space.

Bee Balm, also known as Monarda, produces colorful flowers that hummingbirds love. Its tubular blooms are rich in nectar, making it a perfect addition to your container garden.

Salvia, with its tall spikes of tubular flowers, is a favorite of hummingbirds. Choose varieties like Salvia guaranitica or Salvia coccinea for a stunning display in your garden.

Fuchsia's pendulous flowers in vibrant hues are irresistible to hummingbirds. Plant trailing Fuchsia varieties in hanging baskets or containers to create a cascading effect that attracts these birds.

Incorporate plants like Cardinal Flower, Columbine, and Penstemon in your container garden for a diverse range of nectar sources. These plants not only attract hummingbirds but also add beauty to your space.

Enhance your outdoor space with a hummingbird-friendly container garden filled with these edible plants. Enjoy the beauty of these winged visitors while providing them with a nourishing habitat.